We couldn’t be happier with the families who have welcomed our Maine Nordiques players into their homes. It takes a very special family to open their home (and hearts) to a young man who is far from home and in need of much more than just a room. They need a family. If you think your family has the right stuff, please consider joining us.

We are looking for billet families for the 2020-2021 season. The Maine Nordiques players, age 16-20, needs are the same as any teenager’s: a room of their own, nutritious meals (and plenty of them!), and the type of support only a family can provide.

Our players come from different backgrounds, states, and in some cases, from different countries. They come to play hockey and they are in need of an inclusive, loving and supportive family while they are here.

The right match of billet family to a player will bring tremendous benefits to everyone involved. The player will have a bed with a roof over his head, good nutrition, and positive role models with the stability a family can provide. The family also gains a new contributing member and a “big brother” for younger family members. Parents of younger children will have a glimpse of the future and learn how to provide guidance to a teenager while also giving them room to grow.

The efforts of the billet families make a significant difference in the lives of the young men who have left their homes and families to pursue a dream. We’ve seen players show dramatic changes in their confidence levels, grade point averages, social graces, behavior, work ethic, relationships with others, and so much more. The benefit derived from placing players with billet families is truly immeasurable.

The bond you will form with your player will last a lifetime. It’s not uncommon for players and their billet families to stay in touch for years after their playing days are over. They truly become a permanent part of your family.

Several billet families from last season and our staff are ready and willing to help you with any questions you may have. Please read through our team billet information and then contact us to talk about joining the Maine Nordiques as a billet family.  ( ).

The management and staff of the Maine Nordiques greatly appreciate those considering serving as billet families for the upcoming season. The information below documents the benefits and responsibilities involved in serving as a billet family. Closer to the start of the season, each billet family will be provided with the “Rules and Regulations” section of the player’s contract to ensure they know exactly what we’re expecting of our players during their time with us.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above information and considering the opportunity to change the life of a young man.

Please feel free to contact us at ( if you have questions or need further information.

Maine Nordiques Billet Application

Billet Family Application
Address *

Please list all family members who live at your home on a regular basis

If needed, will you provide transportation to school and to and from the rink for practices, games and road trip departures?
Is there a private bathroom for each player?
Do you have any pets in your home?
Background screening: All billet parents and anyone living in the host family older than 17 are required to complete a background check. The Billet Coordinator will email you information for completing the screening. The cost of background checks is covered by the L/A Nordiques and completing the application takes just a few minutes. Additionally, the Billet Coordinator and/or Head Coach may interview you and visit your home before placing a player with you.
I understand the above requirements and background screening *