Top Moments Tournament – Wrap Up

With things on hold for the moment, the Maine Nordiques decided to reflect and look back on the great moments of their inaugural season with a top moment tournament.

Fans got to vote, via Instagram, to determine which moment went onto the next round until a winner and the top moment was crowned “moment of the year“. The nominees were taken from fan comments and coach suggestions in earlier weeks. The moments nominated were:

  • Trent Grimshaw’s first ever hat trick in Maine Nordiques history
  • Caden Pattison’s goal to crush the first place New Jersey Titans, and the 7th goal of the game for the Nords
  • Alex Rivets goal to get the honor of first goal at the Androscoggin Bank Colisèe in Maine Nordiques history
  • Cole Ouellette’s last goal at home
  • Tristan Thibeault’s back-to-back backhand goals
  • Kevin Pitts late game winner at home
  • Avery Sturtz first shutout
  • Isaiah Fox’s OT winner in the first ever game the Nordiques played in Alaska

The moments were randomly put into a bracket and the fans got their say. A new matchup happened everyday to determine who moved on in the tournament; so the fans could have a decision on what their favorite moments and what they witnessed in this historic first season were. 

The first round matchup featured the 1999 birth year player, Trent Grimshaw, with his hat trick against the Rookie Caden Pattison; and his Titan’s crushing goal following a timeout. The votes came in fast and furious but a narrow vote had Caden Pattison a 51-49 precent win

The next day was another first round matchup which featured 2 hometown kids and longtime teammates, Alex Rivet and Cole Ouellette. Rivet has his goal featured which was the first at home in Nordiques history and a very historic marker. Cole Ouellette had his late goal over the Wilkes-Barrie/Scranton Knights in the tournament. For him it was a career solidifying goal and a great way to end his last game at the place he made so many memories in. Cole would take the win in a 56-44 precent vote.

The other side of the tournament had the rookie, and MNDP call-up, Tristan Thibeault’s back-to-back backhand goals against the Generals in the tourney. Tristan was able to race into the zone and snipe a shot over the goalies right shoulder on the backhand for the first and then he flew off a faceoff win for another goal on the same shot in the same spot. The assistant captain Kevin Pitts saw his late game winner in the bracket as the time was winding down, Pitts saw himself in front of the net and was able to tip one home for the win with less than 2 minutes remaining. Fans loved both of the goals however Thibeault’s goal would prevail in a 60-40 margin.

Next would have Isaiah Fox’s wrap around OT win in Alaska vs Avery Sturtz’ SS first shutout. Isaiah’s goal was a wraparound that found the five hole and a Nords win, for Nordiques fans to witness that one live they would’ve had to stay up until almost 2 am if they lived on the eastern seaboard because of the time difference. Fans who didn’t see it woke up on the right side of the bed and with a Nordiques win. Avery Sturtz shutout was just as impressive, fans witnessed Avery slam the door numerous times on saves including a save that was deemed save of the year by a NAHL tournament where he shut the door by diving out with his stick. He finished with a 38 save shutout against the knights. Fox would move on in a 57-43 precent vote.

Round 2 and the semifinals were next, Cole Ouellette’s last goal at home faced off against Caden Pattison’s Titan crusher. It was a tough decision for the fans but Cole Ouellette would hang onto an early lead for a 59-41 precent of the vote victory. He would face the winner of Tristan Thibeault’s back-to-back goals vs Fox’s OT win in Alaska. This vote was a little closer but the fans voted and decided Tristan was moving onto face Cole Ouellette in the finals to be named top moment of the season.


The final was set, the hometown kid and Lewiston native Cole Ouellette face off against newcomer and MNDP call up Tristan Thibeault’s back-to-back backhanders. The voting got started early in the morning and fans got a full 24 hours to decide who should take home the title. Cole Ouellette and Tristan’s fan base rallied Nordique Nation to vote for their side and after a long day and well over 1,000 votes, Tristan Thibeault’s backhanders is YOUR top moment of our inaugural season!