Timmy Kent: The plug and play

99 spotlight, Year in Review
April 21, 2020
Tim celebrates with the rest of his first line after finding the twine

Tim wasn’t with us from the start but his play on our first line was a huge factor in our 20 win season

Tim joined us on November 7th and was plugged into the first line and looked like he was with us since main camp. Tim’s hustle and heart was always shown on the ice, skating to every puck on every play and he wasn’t afraid to show his physical side when it mattered. Timmy Kent’s dominant performance on the first line saw him with 48 points, including 11 goals and 37 assists and averaged 1.3 points per game. Tim finished 3rd on our team in points right along with the rest of our first line, Tim had a very impressive 6 games with 3 points and in his last game finished on a high note tallying 4 assist. Tim’s speed however isn’t represented by a single stat, Tims speed was unmatched by opponents defenseman gaining him a lot of quality offensive chances and he capitalized whenever he was given space. Tim’s play on the power play was shown when he tallied 4 power play goals, and was 2nd on the team on power play assist with 13. Tim was quickly noticed by the community as a player who was all heart and there was nobody who could slow him down or get in his way, we wish Tim the Best of Luck in the future!