The Maine Nordiques

The 5 Pillars of The Maine Nordiques

1 Establish a culture of communication, education, and competitiveness within a PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY atmosphere. Coaches, staff, players and the Organization as a whole will be held to the highest of standards both on and off the ice.

2 To provide a thoughtful and specific program with necessary support, development, and advancement opportunities at each level of the organization. Surrounding our players with coaches who are organized and prepared is key, but also showing by example that we care for them and are here to push them to be their best. We shall also provide the best in off ice programming, data tracking, advanced scouting, video review for both the individual and the team, and skill/concept development on the ice.

3 To identify and establish communication with, and ultimately recruit with the goal of advancing beyond our program, prospects who have showcased a level of skill and commitment to pursuing the highest level of development. However, within the standard of athletic excellence needed, they must also possess the character traits needed to succeed. We are looking for the players with both Athletic and Character standards consistent with the Maine Nordiques.

4 To cultivate a bond with the local community and the state of Maine as well as the entire New England region. Player and staff/organizational involvement in multiple facets of the communities. We will create a consistent bond through participation with the local youth hockey programs and other clubs in the community. We will also provide from the community a team they can be proud of, and feel a part of. All players and staff throughout the entire organization will be active participants in this initiative. We will earn the trust, respect and love of the Community with hard work, passion, commitment and Character.

5 Every player throughout the Nordique organization will receive the same level of care, guidance, and support to establish positive and productive personal growth on and off the ice, while showcasing throughout the organization a brand of hockey that not only reflects todays professional hockey but pushes the boundaries of where the game will be tomorrow. The ultimate goal of the Maine Nordique Organization is to provide for everyone (community, staff, players) the opportunity to participate in something they are proud of, something they are connected with, and something they can call their own

The Androscoggin Bank Colisée | Lewiston, Maine
The Androscoggin Bank Colisée | Lewiston, Maine
The Androscoggin Bank Colisée | Lewiston, Maine
The Androscoggin Bank Colisée | Lewiston, Maine
U18 Training Facility
U18 Locker Rooms
U18 Practice Facility