Nords make great showing in NAHL tournaments

Due to everyone being at home the NAHL hosted tournaments to decide the fan’s favorite play and jerseys in the league.

The Nordiques has 2 plays be nominated for top play of the year, one of those being named “ fox super sauce “ where Isaiah Fox fell down and landed on his knees, from his knees, he then threw the puck towards the net hoping good things would come, what came was a streaking Cannon Green driving towards the net who was able to use his stellar hand-eye coordination to swat it out of the air and in the back of the net.

Avery Sturtz stick save was also up for the running, as Sturtz would eventually get the first shutout in Nords history in the game the play was featured in, Avery made an initial save and saw a rebound to his right. Using his cat-like reflexes he dove to his right throwing out his stick and somehow keeping the puck from entering the net. This save would be the highlight on his night where the Nordiques would take a dominating 4-0 win at home and the first shutout in Nordiques history.

The Tournament started on March 23rd where East division rival Maryland Black Bears would fall to Fox’s super sauce by a 69-31 percent vote. Avery Sturtz would follow that up with a 61-39 percent vote over the Ice wolves play. Gaining momentum quickly.

Fox and Cannon Green would then move onto the top goal finals with another dominating win over the Amarillo Bulls 65-35 percent of the Vote, Avery, naturally followed in his footsteps, winning 58-42 percent of the vote for advancement into the final 4 for top saves.

The goal of the year and save of the year nominations were both Nordiques, Fox super sauce to Cannon Green and Sturtz save. Fox and Green had an amazing push but just fell short 51-49 percent of the vote to the Bismarck Bobcats OT winner. Avery Sturtz would face Generals Goalie Connor Bradford who the Nordiques faced this season, and his save that was featured was of Nords winger Trent Grimshaw getting shutdown in front. However, Avery and the Nords would prevail with a short margin of 52-48 percent of the vote, giving him the save of the year!!

The save of the year would then face the goal of the year- the Bismarck Bobcats OT goal that eliminated Isaiah Fox and Cannon Green’s goal for play of the year. Avery had an early lead in voting but after a back and forth crazy 24 hours of voting he came up just short in a 52-48 percent margin. The Nords took home save of the year and had a great showing in a fan-based voting tournament.

Avery Sturtz lays out the paddle to keep his shutout alive

Isaiah fox’s super saucer pass to Cannon Green

NAHL’s tournament of Jerseys

After the top play tournament came to a close the NAHL had another tournament to decide who had the best jerseys in the league

In the first round we faced off against our foes in the Johnstown Tomahawks in the East division, the Nords claimed an easy win with a 70-30 percent margin. The Nords moved into the sweet 16 round to face the New Jersey Titans, where on the ice the Nords and Titans have had their fair share of epic battles, what’s one more? It turned out to be one more win for the Nords in a 69-31 percent margin in another comfortable win. The Nordiques would the face off against their top rival, the form Northeast Generals to decide who had the best jerseys in the East. On the ice, the games swing back and forth… in the tournament… it’s all Nords! We took home a 66%-34% margin over the Gens and claimed best jerseys in the East and moved onto the final 4

In the final 4, we faced off against the team who eliminated us in the top plays tournament, the Bismarck Bobcats. The Bobcats wouldn’t take another win in a tournament over the Nordiques, in a 60-40 percent win the Nords advance to the finals where they took on the other inaugural organization, the New Mexico Ice Wolves, it was the Nordiques Jerseys which calls out to heritage and a classic hockey look, vs a newer, brighter style jersey. Fans got to take to twitter to voice their opinions on which team they thought should take it home, after an intense 24 hours and 1,122 votes later the Nordiques would take home another runner up, falling to the Ice Wolves 42-58 percent in the finals.

We would like to thank everyone who voted for us in the tournaments and when it’s safe, we can’t wait to put on the best jerseys in the East and make a play that will be no question in taking home the 2021 top play!