Community Outreach

Here at the Maine Nordiques we aren’t only passionate about hockey, we’re dedicated to making the Lewiston/Auburn community a better place in as many ways as possible!

Hockey is a sport that teaches children the importance of teamwork, determination, positive thinking, as well as following an active lifestyle. By encouraging children to learn to skate and play hockey we hope to give them an environment where they can have fun and learn life lessons.

Our commitment to children in Lewiston Auburn isn’t restricted to the ice – we’re taking it to the classroom too!

For athletes of all ages, education should be the top priority. There will be a time in every athlete’s life when the game ends and a career begins. Literacy is the key to success in adult life, it is the means through which children can grow to their full potential. Therefore, our goal is to inspire a love for reading in students in our community.

That is why we started the Nordiques Reading Program. Since 2016, we have been visiting classrooms throughout the area, encouraging the love of reading in all students we read to. This school year we’re adding more schools to the list! Help us inspire children in the Lewiston Auburn area to grow in as many ways as possible!

Here’s how it works…

On your reading program date, several Nordiques players will arrive with books in hand. So we can read to as many students as possible, the players will be divided into small groups and assigned to a classroom. During the 20-minute slots, players will read to the class and ask questions about the story. If there is time at the end, the players can read with students in small groups from the students’ reading material. It is also fun to allow students to ask questions about the players and hockey in general. After we leave, students are encouraged to set reading goals based on their age and reading level.

Goals are best achieved with a good incentive.

When our players visit your school, they will provide each participating teacher with enough flex tickets for each of their students. When students achieve their reading goals, they will be awarded with a hockey game ticket. These tickets can be redeemed at the Androscoggin Bank Colisée box office for one student seat at any 2019/2020 regular season home game.

For more information, or to register your class or school contact, please fill out our Community Program Application:

Community Program Application

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Nordiques In the Community

The Maine Nordiques and Maine Nordiques Academy are honored to be a part of this community and look forward to continuing our involvement in the seasons to come.

In the past, our players, mascot, and staff have shown up to many events. Below we have provided a brief list of possible appearances:

***Please Note: Availability is subject to change due to busy schedules of teams so please try to be flexible***

Would you like the Maine Nordiques to attend your special event, school or function? When our schedule permits, we’d love to join you! Please fill out the following form and we will do our best to be there!

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