Achillie Burries Overtime Winner, Nords Take 3/4 points

December 3, 2022

Game #21

The Maine Nordiques were seeking revenge after falling 5-4 in overtime the previous night to The Titans.

It did not even take three minutes for the games first goal off of a Titans stick. The Nords were tasked to play from behind early, something they didn’t have to do last night. The Nordiques answered quickly as Tony Achillie would find the back of the net and his first of the game to tie it at 1. Just two minutes later, the Nordiques added another from Henrik Hallberg to go up 2-1 after one period.

The second period started with back to back Titans goals to give them the lead back at 3-2. Patrick Schmiedlin provided the response moments later to knot it up at 3. Brendan Gibbons provided a second dose of scoring to pull the Nords up 4-3. The Titans tied it seconds later keeping the score close. If the period didn’t have enough craziness, the physical side ramped up as Tony Achillie and Ryan Novo, from The Titans, got into a scrum. The Titans would take the lead to close out the period. 5-4 Titans after two periods of play.

It was a back and forth period until the Titans made a costly mistake going to the box for a too many men on the ice call. This let the Nordiques power play go to work providing Filip Wiberg with the opportunity to burry one with eight minutes left in the third. Tommy Heaney stood tall in net indicating we would need overtime for the second straight night.

The Nordiques were not able to record a shot in overtime last night, but tonight they recorded four including a game winner from Tony Achillie two minutes to go in overtime. The Nordiques grab 3/4 points from the Titans and it’s off to Johnstown for three with the Tomahawks next weekend.